Aegis Trust Declares Collaboration with Cosmos Network

Aegis Trust has declared to support the Cosmos Network by taking custody of its protocols’ treasury assets. Aegis Trust is considered among the prominent qualified custodians for digital assets in the United States that are providing customer-focused tech infrastructure. It also offers solutions related to regulatory compliance.

Aegis Trust Join Hands with Cosmos Network

With the respective news, the firm is developing its collaboration by operating several chief protocols of Cosmos while playing the role of the respective assets’ custodian. Apart from this, the company will keep on supporting in the case of staking and custody. Amid the mounting regulations throughout the fintech market, the custody of cryptocurrencies is getting momentum along with witnessing mainstream adoption.

This has been witnessed by the oldest bank in the United States called the Ban of New York Mellon which is initiating its separate service for crypto custody. Aegis Trust is advancing the support thereof for the Cosmos protocols via custody and delegated staking related to assets taking into account NYM, OSMO, AXL, EVMOS, SOMM, BLD, and ATOM.

Aegis Trust Keeps on Mounting up Its Tech Partnerships

The founder and CEO of Aegis Trust, Serra Wei, stated that as they keep on beholding the evolution of distributed ledgers, the custodians are gaining more and more prominence in their role of guaranteeing trust for the entirety of the stakeholders. She added that Aegis offers the solution to fill up the gap between conventional finance as well as digital asset ecosystem management.

During some of the previous months, a lot of collaborations have been started by Aegis Trust with the top players in the industry – among which Coinbase Cloud is also included. The purpose of these partnerships was to offer institutional-grade custody and staking for Avalanche and Evmos.

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