Coinbase Receives the Award in Singapore for Being the Best Digital Asset Custody Platform

Coinbase, a well-known crypto exchange across the globe, announced on its official web portal that the platform has obtained an award for being the best entity digital-asset custody in Singapore. The platform mentioned that the respective achievement is significant in its role within the entire sector of the crypto economy and would help improve organizational engagement.

Coinbase Gets the Best Digital Asset Custodian Award in Singaporean HFM Service Awards

The platform added that this move indicates the performance of their team on an international basis. According to the firm, their fellows in EMEA got the award of the same category in the London-based award ceremony of HFM. Coinbase mentioned that the HFM Service Awards is devoted to recognizing and offering awards to the providers of services related to hedge funds. It says that this is based on its extraordinary client service, sustainable and resilient business development, as well as exclusive product development.

The company disclosed that they are happy to see the dedication and outstanding work of its APAC Institutional group. Coinbase also praised them for maintaining their respective qualities since the beginning. The platform asserted that they are currently being recognized via the respective award. The firm discussed the increasing interest expressed by worldwide investors in crypto which led it to start its crypto venture.

In the words of the exchange, it is their objective to let diverse local entities access the crypto economy to offer freedom via an unlocked financial system. The firm specified that digital assets give additional efficiency throughout the financial sector along with the provision of an unparalleled extent of financial authorization to individuals and organizations.

Crypto Exchange Still Bullish on Digital Assets amid Market Downturn

Coinbase then assured that, despite the ongoing market conditions, the digital assets will grow on a large scale. While elaborating on this situation, the platform revealed that the recent events have been significant in clarifying that there is a requirement for more transparent and regulated service providers. They would likely offer a secure and tested bridge to the world of the cryptocurrency economy.

It reiterated its gratification on achieving the award and associated it with the commitment and hard work thereof up till now in facilitating the community. In the end, Coinbase declared that it would keep on supporting organizations of all sorts while carrying out digital assets-related dealings, offering best-in-class services and products.

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