Gate US Gets Digital Asset Trading Licenses to Provide Services of Crypto Exchange in the US

Gate US, known as a blockchain platform and a provider of infrastructure related to digital assets, has obtained licenses to provide its exchange services in diverse states across the United States. The platform has focused its attention on turning into a prominent blockchain entity as well as a provider of digital asset infrastructure in the United States. It will offer services dealing with the trading of digital assets to organizational and retail consumers.’s US Subsidiary to Start Providing Services after Acquiring Licenses

Dr. Lin Han, known as the president and founder of Gate US and Gate Group, mentions that the chief goal of Gate US is to accomplish regulatory compliance. As per him, in line with this type of pledge, the platform has been actively operating to get registrations as a do and money-related business in collaboration with Financial Crimes and Enforcement Network (FinCEN). He added that the organization has acquired a few licenses for money transmissions or analogous operations and is presently operating on getting more.

Though Gate US is not yet functional or adoption consumers, the forum is making great efforts to turn into a well-known crypto exchange to operate in the country. It will potentially get considerable assistance from the comprehensive experience of its top management within the market. In the meantime, Gate US will prefer transparency and security to boost trust and confidence in the crypto space.

Gate US is the US-based sub-branch of the famous crypto exchange The subsidiary was introduced in March of this year. When it was launched, it was to play the role of a marketplace of digital assets just for customers in the United States. At present, despite having several licenses for operations, it has not started any services. In addition to this, the platform has not even offered a timeline covering the services’ expected to launch. Users Complain about Their Accounts’ Termination by the Company

Many consumers of from Canada and the United States protested formerly in 2022 that the platform shuttered their accounts. Apart from that,’s terms of service point out that clients belonging to Bolivia, Crimea region, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Mainland China, and the US are banned on the platform. It has additionally restricted the services thereof in many other jurisdictions throughout the world.

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