T-Systems MMS Offers Support for Staking on Chainlink Network

T-Systems MMS, a node operator on Chainlink Network, has announced taking part in Chainlink Staking. The platform has noted on its website that it has been providing the node operating services for the Chainlink Network. According to the platform, it has been offering dependable off-chain computation and real-world data to the decentralized applications (dApps) along with supporting the public blockchains’ vision as a centre for exclusive use cases like decentralized finance (DeFi).

T-Systems MMS to Support Chainlink Staking

At present, T-Systems MMS has occupied a place among eighty-two decentralized oracle networks (DONs), providing real-world data related to price to the blockchain of Ethereum, as per the node operator. T-Systems MMS has anticipated that the adoption of blockchain technology will grow with time. It claimed that it had already been supporting Web3 technology by operating a Chainlink node.

The node operator also mentioned that by taking part in Chainlink Staking, it is furthering its support in dealing with the decentralized infrastructure. Chainlink Staking has been launched by Chainlink Network to assist in further support of the platform’s security as well as allow for the use cases of higher value for the oracle networks of Chainlink. They include tokenized real-world properties, derivatives, real estate, and so on.

With T-Systems MMS’ participation in Chainlink Staking, it can assist in the advancement and adoption of the blockchains as unique computing forums running the decentralized applications. While a mounting proportion of economic operations is shifting to the blockchain-based economy, one of the chief issues for the enterprise and public blockchain platforms is safely linking to off-chain and on-chain environments.

Permitting the interaction between the smart contracts and the outside world along with guaranteeing that the computation data they obtain is considered reliable and secure is of great importance. In the words of T-Systems, since its integration on Chainlink in 2020 to play the role of a node operator, remarkable growth has been experienced by its primary network.

LINK’s Staking to Improve the Nodes’ Potential to Earn Fees on the Network

As the node operator puts it, the sum of decentralized oracle networks offering off-chain data as well as computing facilities to the dApps has reached above the 1000 mark. T-Systems specified that the process of staking LINK (the local token of Chainlink) would improve the nodes’ capability to earn fees under the Chainlink Network.

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