Brazil’s ‘Bitcoin Pharaoh’ ‘Hired Gunmen’ to ‘Murder’ Crypto Rivals, Say Prosecutors

Source: Nelson Antoine/Adobe

Brazil’s Public Ministry has claimed it has proof an alleged crypto scam mastermind known as the “Bitcoin Pharaoh” hired “professional gunmen” to murder his crypto competitors.

The “Pharaoh,” real name Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, was jailed last year and is set to face trial on charges of orchestrating a $7 billion crypto-flavored Ponzi scheme that is thought to have promised investors 10% returns on their stakes.

The scheme is believed to have sucked in celebrities, including top models, actors, and football players.

Globo reported that the ministry says it has recordings of “conversations that prove” Glaidson set up “a system” that would “take the life of anyone who dared to be his competitor” in the Lagos Region’s crypto scene.

The ministry claimed that Glaidson had created a “well-structured organization,” with “weapons, front companies, spies and professional killers” – and that the entire operation was “coordinated” by a central “intelligence” unit.

Glaidson’s lawyers stated that their client had been “surprised” by the allegations – and “did not have access” to the alleged recordings.

But the ministry stated that in a series of audio recordings it has “seized,” the “Pharaoh” could be heard referring to “pyramid” schemes and apparently scheduling a series of killings.

Did ‘Bitcoin Pharaoh’ ‘Create Shell Companies’ as Fronts?

The ministry added that Glaidson’s inner circle had “created six shell companies.” It said that these were used “to transfer money to other companies, which paid the organization’s bills.”

These bills, it explained, included “expenses such as buying weapons, paying security guards and gunmen, and hiring private detectives to monitor victims” – prior to “execution” style murders.

Back in August, a Glaidson-linked councilman in Armação de Búzios named Lorram Gomes da Silveira was detained by officers who confiscated over $9,250 in cash. They claimed Lorram co-ran an underworld “organization” that made use of crypto as a tool of “embezzlement.”

Prosecutors claimed that the “Pharaoh” helped the councilman convert cash bribes into crypto in an attempt to “hide” the funds.

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