iPhone and iPod Co-Creator Designs New Hardware Wallet for Ledger

Ledger Nano X. Source: Ledger

Hardware cryptocurrency wallet developer Ledger has revealed that Tony Fadell, creator of Apple’s iPod, is the mastermind behind its new hardware wallet Ledger Stax.

In a Tuesday blog post, the company announced that the iconic iPod and iPhone co-creator Tony Fadell is the inventor and mastermind behind their new hardware wallet Ledger Stax, which is designed by the LAYER studio, led by Benjamin Hubert. 

“Ledger Stax™ is our new, breakthrough consumer device. It is built on Ledger’s secure architecture and introduces a unique form designed for unprecedented accessibility and interactivity with the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs,” Ledger said.

The new wallet is a credit-card-sized device that allows users to store and manage over 500 different cryptocurrencies as well as their NFT collections. The wallet also allows users to explore an ever-growing range of Web3 apps through the Ledger Live app.

“Digging into Ledger’s proven security technology and trying all the ‘best’ hardware wallets out there convinced me to build a next-gen device with Pascal, Ian and the amazing Ledger team,” said Tony Fadell. “We need a user-friendly…no! A ‘user-delightful’ tool, to bring digital asset security to the rest of us, not just the geeks.” 

Ledger plans to release the Ledger Stax wallet in the first quarter of 2023. The outside of the wallet is a wraparound e-ink display, which can be used to show transaction details and even NFTs.

The wallet will use a USB-C connection to hook up to laptops and Bluetooth to connect to the Ledger Live Mobile app on smartphones. Ledger Connect, the company’s upcoming crypto wallet extension, will also enable it to connect to Web3 apps. Ledger Stax will also support wireless Qi charging.

“With the Ledger Nano™ series, we created the most successful digital asset security hardware wallet of all time – with more than 5 million sold and none ever hacked,” said Pascal Gauthier, CEO and Chairman of Ledger. “Digital assets are increasingly about identity and digital ownership, not just crypto like Bitcoin.”

The new wallet comes as demand for Ledger’s hardware wallets, which keep cryptocurrency in offline or “cold” storage and thus they are more secure, has seen an uptick following the collapse of FTX. 

In fact, Ledger saw the highest demand in its hardware wallets in the first two days of FTX collapse. Furthermore, this past November has become the company’s best month of sales. The company has sold over five million hardware wallets in 200 countries since its inception in 2014.

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