Accessing The Keys To Your Personal Crypto Space With OWNR Wallet

How amazing do you feel running your affairs independently?  Self-custodial Wallets allow users to serve as their own banker, storing “private keys” that allow you to securely access your blockchain -based assets. It has a combination of software, hardware, and common security measures, such as physical access too. There are several different self-custody wallets.

 They differ based on how they work.

  • Mobile WalletPaper Wallet
  • Smart Contract Wallet
  • Hardware Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet.

It’s simple to use a self-custody wallet. Using it is exactly like using a standard investing or payment app, but with more security. You Easily check your balance, see a history of your transactions, invest using DeFi applications, and send pals virtual money using this interface. You can even deposit crypto currency into the global Liquidity Pool by connecting your self-custody wallet to your bank.

The OWNR Wallet

OWNR offers a Self-custodial wallet that lets its users  buy and sell cryptos using their traditional bank cards. Like its centralized counterparts, OWNR does offer multi token storage limited to only 10 different assets at the moment and but supports buy and sell with over 60 fiat.

The decentralized wallet service has the same amazing ease of spending cryptocurrency as industry giants, but naturally without any custodial difficulties thanks to its own VISA-powered prepaid card.

The wallet is also growing institutionally, and it has an affiliate program and an API that let other platforms include services from cryptocurrency exchanges.

The regulatory compliance OWNR Wallet has is another feature (which many of its rivals lack). OWNR guarantees its 500,000+ users that it conforms with all KYC and AML regulations by being registered in 6 jurisdictions.

Although  OWNR appears to offer the ideal balance of decentralized and fiat services, there is still more work to be done and it will.There are approximately 500,000 Bitcoin transactions daily including withdrawals. This sometimes slows down the Operating ends of users. 

The OWNR Wallet put this as priority to reduce this stress and make things smooth at users end. This function have boosted the operation of this wallet  in 211 countries and territories and with over 400k users globally.

Number of coins supported

BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, ZEC, TRX. USDTAll the ERC-20 tokens including Tether (USDT) and other stablecoins are supported

OWNR Wallet products

  • Multifunctional HD wallet :

Performs most of the cryptocurrency and fiat operations in one place with private keys. You Send, Receive, Exchange,Buy, and Withdraw crypto. 

With rapid KYC, each customer is obliged to follow a specific method when presenting an invoice and receipt for separate transactions. Fees can be negotiated and are based on the number of transactions.

OWNR can also act as a broker according to its financial licenses and expertise. A dependable middleman to safely conduct OTC transfers. When you acquire or sell a lot of cryptocurrency, it happens quickly.

  • Payment gateway to buy and sell crypto : 

With the help of this solution, your customers can purchase cryptocurrency on your site using bank cards. The cryptocurrency is sent directly to client’s wallet after the client is verified by OWNR.

Clients can purchase any assets supported too on your platform even if these assets are not presented in OWNR Wallet software. With the competitive purchase rates, your clients will get all possible benefits  from using your platform.

  • Crypto-to-crypto exchange API : 

Along with Payment gateway solution OWNR Wallet provides automated tool to accept payments made in crypto on your website or platform. 

Although institutions provide such an option for their clients following global technological and market trends.

With OWNR crypto acquiring tool, you can be sure that you receive only verified assets from your clients using special tools so that  your funds are totally compliant with KYC/AML regulations.

Just by inviting new clients users get profit and subsequently gain a lifetime affiliate program income from direct or indirect transactions.Terms and rates can even be discussed individually.

  • Visa prepaid cards for businesses :

OWNR Wallet offers a Partner Portal for those who need to order a significant number of cards. In it, you will be  able to order several cards at once, follow issuance updates, and manage finances. Card ordering and delivery comes in very handy.

How to Use the wallet

Users can access the mobile version using both Android and iOS platforms. Whereas the desktop version is available on multiple platforms like iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux and the web.

OWNR Wallet is freely available for download and creating an account is free. However, users are charged for transactions. Once logged in, there is a friendly interface for easy navigation and transaction of any sort.

OWNR Wallet Affiliate Program

Users enroll with the CPA system, or just by recommendations, thereby receiving a lifetime passive income of up to 38% of the company’s net profit.

Also, a user can create a stable and profitable source of passive crypto income together with OWNR WALLET,  become a partner of the CPA system, place advertising materials on the Internet, or invite friends, mates or subscribers in a few clicks. How juicy!

The more people you engage, the higher the earnings! Track the actions users perform and how your affiliate account is replenished in plain view. Withdraw your reward monthly.

Any body can become an affiliate. Marketing specialists and publishers, Bloggers and opinion leaders, Sociable people.


Access to high quality products.

You earn with no efforts or investments while doing your daily chores or relaxing.

There is 100% transparency. Know exactly which user actions you receive rewards for and instant withdrawals in USDT.

Since man is a social being, users more importantly meet new friends in the crypto world thereby creating a community of active users and great minds around you.

Pros and Cons of OWNR Wallet

Perhaps the most important advantage of using non-custodial wallets is that you have complete control of your crypto because you have possession of the private keys.

 The OWNR Wallet adds to it; 

  • In-app purchase of crypto
  • Customizable transaction
  • Any seed phrase length supported (12/15/18/21/24 words)
  • SegWit transactions for BTC and LTC
  • Widget to monitor cryptocurrency Support team available 24/7 in the app,
  • Price spikes for Android and iOS,
  • Multiple accounts for each coin with customizable names
  • 8 valuable coins supported
  • Manual generation of new receiving addresses for BTC and BTC-like coins and,
  • Affiliate program.

An appropriate Place to Buy, Exchange and Borrow against Your Crypto I would suggest is the OWNR Wallet. Friendly, reliable and ready to upgrade.


Inaccessibility when you lose or forget the password which is a general disadvantage. This can be avoided to a large extent by using independent passwords/codes.

Do not share access with anyone, and keep your phone locked at all times if you use a mobile wallet.

Ending Thoughts

OWNR is a non-custodial wallet that will not store your seed phrases, keys or any other data giving access to funds.

Only you control your assets. Additional security levels include PIN code, BIP39 passphrase, Touch ID and Face ID.

OWNR, since its launch in 2018 has proven to be a reliable. In terms of security, one of the critical factors of a crypto-to-fiat wallet, OWNR, shows a bit of potential. According to the team, the emerging wallet platform has garnered several financial licenses and deployed some competent KYC and AML service providers.

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