Aftermath Islands Advocates Global Economic Inclusivity in the Metaverse with Resource Pack Minting and Proof of Humanity

A rapidly growing metaverse platform Aftermath Islands has reached the 160,000 Resource Pack generative milestone and is opening up new opportunities for brands and individuals around the world, the company announced today. Aftermath Islands is a highly realistic virtual world of theme-based islands, communities and estates in which players can experience a wide range of adventures. 

Built using blockchain technology, Unreal Engine 5, high-fidelity graphics, and using GPU cloud servers and Pixel streaming to provide a no-download, browser-based experience on desktop, mobile and tablets, Aftermath Islands allows users to virtually work, play, earn, entertain, build and acquire Virtual Land and in-game digital, wearable and limited edition items.

Aftermath Islands has already launched a free Play-to-Earn (P2E) browser game titled Lost Kingdom of T’Sara (LKoT) where players can mine resources and mint resource packs that can be used across the Aftermath Islands Metaverse and even traded on the Aftermath Islands Marketplace.

According to David Lucatch, Managing Director Aftermath Islands Metaverse, Ltd., Oasis Digital Studios, Ltd., and CEO of Liquid Avatar Technologies, Inc., players of LKoT are highly engaged, with several hundred players mining hundreds of new resource packs every day.

Mr. Lucatch said Aftermath Islands differs from other metaverses as it combines user-friendly onboarding, Proof of Humanity and unique digital avatars connected to users that help reduce fraud and malicious activity in online environments. His Liquid Avatar Technologies company has just been named among Top 100 Web3 companies in Canada and first in the Metaverse category. “We are being recognized for the change we are driving and the combination of Proof of Humanity with online activity that lets everyone be themselves but in a verifiable and responsible manner,” said Lucatch. “We worked very diligently for the past 6 years or more to understand decentralized, blockchain-based offerings and digital identity and bring digital identity verification, digital goods and more offerings to Web3 users.” 

Aftermath Islands’ Proof of Humanity is an innovative and revolutionary technology available in over 100 regions and countries in the Apple App Store and Google Play. It uses facial mapping and blockchain based verifiable credentials, along with self-attested age reporting verified by artificial intelligence to create user managed and controlled access to LKoT and eventually all of the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

Lucatch says approximately 90% of in-game purchases on the platform are currently being completed using fiat currencies, demonstrating the power of highly engaging metaverse activities in getting people online, interacting with, and familiar with decentralized, blockchain-based games, experiences, and opportunities.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse has already privately showcased its Alpha platform and is expected to open its early-stage Beta version of its first virtual island in the coming weeks. Using a Meta Park Pass ™ to anonymously verify themselves as a real person, participants within the Aftermath Islands ecosystem can enjoy a high level of assurance with respect to privacy and security while enjoying entertaining and immersive experiences like never before. This technology can be seamlessly used in other Metaverses as well and could become an important building block for businesses, projects, and ecosystems that are looking for a safe, secure, efficient and battle-tested solution reducing duplicate and fake accounts and identity fraud while providing robust identity management and the ability to create new and innovative marketing opportunities.

Aftermath Islands from Oasis Digital Studios provides its regular updates and users can sign up here. You can also join the project mailing list and receive updates from Liquid Avatar Technologies here.

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