Blockchain Gaming Firm Oasys Launches User-Focused Wallet App, Oasys Passport

Blockchain gaming firm Oasys announced the launch of its novel user-focused Web 3 wallet, ‘Oasys Passport’, which launches in its alpha version. The Web 3 wallet application is developed for the Oasys platform by its parent company, double jump.tokyo Inc. It is managed by Oasys Wallet Inc. – a subsidiary of double jump.tokyo – to bring simplicity to the Web 3 wallet market. 

Despite the growth of crypto adoption globally over the past few years, novices still find it challenging to make strides within the space, given the complexities of the projects and jargon continually used in the space. To solve this, Oasys developed its simple, user-focused Oasys Passport making blockchain transactions and Web 3 gaming more accessible for everyone – expert or newbie. 

“The Oasys Passport was developed to make blockchain gaming more accessible, even for users with no prior experience in Web3 wallet usage,” the official team statement reads. 

Oasys specializes in blockchain gaming using a proof of stake (PoS) consensus algorithm with 20+ validators, including major game companies like Bandai Namco Research Institute and other Web3 companies. The Oasys Passport is built specifically for the gaming platform, breaking barriers for novices to join the Web 3 gaming industry. 

With an easy setup, Oasys Passport reduces the complexities of owning a digital wallet. Users create a one-click wallet and start gaming immediately without needing an email or password setup. 

Moreover, the wallet introduces automated chain selection whereby users do not need to manually switch blockchains on every transaction. The wallet app automatically detects the blockchain during the transaction, allowing users to seamlessly transverse across blockchains without knowing how chains actually work. 

Finally, the wallet’s interface is also built for the user using simplified language and excluding the jargon commonly used around the Web 3 space. Furthermore, the wallet app displays the content of each tx signature in an easy-to-understand manner, ensuring that users can comprehend and use it confidently.

Oasys Developments in the Future

Adding to the Oasys Passport launch, the team also announced a slew of developments to be launched on the wallet in the coming months to enhance blockchain gaming and the user experience. The developers will add features that allow players to display NFTs with a unified look for each content and asset visualization for assets obtained during gameplay.

The app will also allow players to bridge assets on different blockchains, offering them more utility and access to multiple games on different blockchains. 

The wallet app already supports two blockchain games, Home Verse and BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES.


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