BudBlockz (BLUNT) And Polygon (MATIC) Could Be Prospective Top Gainers In 2023

Many things positively and negatively impacted the growth and value of any crypto project. For example, cutting-edge projects such as Polygon (MATIC) thrive on the continuous volume of transactions happening on the blockchain stratosphere. It is a major reason the company has harnessed favorable investor confidence and growth. Moreover, Polygon also strives to make the blockchain ecosystem more interoperable and scalable. 

However, another popular and extremely fast-growing crypto and NFT platform is said to be attracting a lot of investor attention and is rallying a bullish pull. We’re talking about BudBlockz, a revolutionary CBD crypto surpassing well-established altcoins more boldly and innovatively. Let’s examine why $BLUNT could be a prospective top gainer in 2023. 

Continuous Accessibility and Seamless Interoperability

One of the primary factors that ascertain a crypto project’s levels of success and popularity is its capability to be purchased on centralized crypto exchange (CEX) and decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) platforms. If a digital coin or token is available on both exchange platforms, it quickly garners attention, making it accessible and easy to buy. 

BudBlockz has already launched its 10,000 NFT collection, Ganja Guruz, on both Rarible and OpenSea. However, the company will soon launch its native crypto ($BLUNT) on Uniswap. Uniswap, as you probably know, is the most popular DEX that individuals use worldwide. Therefore, the availability of $BLUNT coins on Uniswap will automatically boost their desirability and value.

In addition, BudBlockz is one of the few companies that have purposely lowered its coin circulation supply, making it a more attractive option for the wider crypto audience. Plus, it guarantees a higher liquidity rate and will likely transition from thinly-traded crypto to garnering enhanced trading volumes. 

The Rarity of $BLUNT 

Also, along with the continuous accessibility of BudBlockz’s tokens, it has limited the number of tokens that can be purchased or quickly dumped in case of overall market volatility. Moreover, the scarcity of tokens also limits fast and consecutive crypto trades. It strategically positions BudBlockz for prolonged growth and lock-up time frame because limited coins are provided to the company founders and the BudBlockz team. 

It also shows that the company is dedicated and committed to making its platform more functional with practical use cases, driving intrinsic value. 

The Capability to Generate Passive Income 

It is by far one of the best reasons investors and normal crypto users are flocking to BudBlockz. Besides being the world’s first cannabis crypto, BudBlockz is also the only company that provides its NFT holders with the opportunity to become fractional stakeholders in various popular and niche CBD and legal marijuana companies on the platform. BudBlockz has accomplished its primary objective to bring marijuana users and CBD companies together on a single, DeFi platform. 

According to experts, the value of the global marijuana industry currently stands at more than $30 billion. However, many countries now seek to legalize CBD and marijuana use, which is why analysts predict that the industry will further bloat to a whopping $200 billion in the next 5-10 years. And BudBlockz will be here to capitalize on this – allowing its Ganja Guruz owners to tap into unique markets and use promotional codes to buy exclusive CBD products at affordable rates. 

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