BudBlockz (BLUNT), Hedera (HBAR) And Chain (XCN)

Valuations and sentiments in the cryptocurrency sector have tanked to levels not seen in years. The steep sell-off presents unique investment opportunities on the risk-reward front. Other opportunities, such as BudBlockz, Hedera and Chain, are cryptos with insane profit-making potential as revolutionary projects in their respective fields.

BudBlockz’s Burgeoning Potential

Experts and whales are already betting on BudBlockz skyrocketing in 2023 as it looks undervalued at current valuation levels. It stands out for its focus on addressing fundamental issues in the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry. The project is on its way to changing the way people buy and sell cannabis products, something that has been lacking over the years.

Consequently, it has unveiled a decentralized e-commerce platform that will allow consumers and industry players to access cannabis products decentralized and securely. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform will enhance the buying and selling of high-quality cannabis products. The platform is well-positioned to revolutionize the landscape for cannabis retailers, legal plantations, and forward-looking investors.

Ganja Guruz NFTs

Amid the focus on the cannabis sector, BudBlockz’s potential to generate insane profit in 2023 is further affirmed by its push for growth in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market. It has since unveiled a premium collection of NFTs, Ganja Guruz, that offers a range of benefits, including membership access to cannabis farms. In addition, the NFT holders will also enjoy fractional ownership of cannabis farms and dispensaries.

BLUNT is BudBlockz’s native token that will make it easy for people to buy and sell cannabis products on the decentralized platform. Additionally, it will accord holders access to the Ganja Guruz NFTs while doubling up as a governance token. As a deflationary token, the total number of BLUNT tokens that will ever be in circulation is capped at 420M.

Hedera Hashgraph and Chain also look very promising

Hedera Hashgraph also boasts considerable profit-making potential as a distributed ledger of transactions. However, unlike other cryptocurrency projects, it does not rely on blockchain technology to enable superfast and low-cost transactions. Instead, it depends on the Hashgraph consensus algorithm in which nodes within a network gossip to each other to create a record of all transactions.

Hashgraph is poised to usurp other stable projects as its Hashgraph technology is much faster and more secure than systems that rely on blockchain technology. Hedera throughput stands at 10,000 transactions per second, making it perfect for decentralized finance. In addition, transaction costs are a fraction of a cent.

Chain is another project on the cusp of revolutionizing the global financial sector, which affirms its profit-making potential. Powered by the XCN native token, Chain is a blockchain infrastructure that seeks to allow companies to handle financial services on the blockchain. It has already partnered with renowned financial institutions to create the future of finance using blockchain technology.

Bottom line

While the cryptocurrency sector continues to experience low levels of volatility, BudBlockz, Hedera, and Chain continue to create shockwaves. The projects elicit strong interest, given their growing focus on addressing real-world issues around financial transactions and the cannabis industry. Likewise, given their proven use cases, the trio are poised to generate insane profits next year.

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