“Crypto is not dead,” Says YouTuber Bitboy. HedgeUP ($HDUP) Pushes Social Media Influence⁩

The FTX crash and other financial discrepancies rocked the crypto markets this year, resulting in a drastic decline in cryptocurrency prices and sparking negative criticism of the entire crypto industry. Most people think crypto has become redundant, but popular crypto YouTuber Bitboy debunks that, saying crypto is not dead but rather an industry bound to come back stronger.

Crypto has preceded projects and coins that paved the way and allowed new projects to thrive. This repetition is more like an ecosystem of crypto that survives off the failure of another. It is seen today with the development of different projects; this is why crypto is not dead.

The crypto market, like all assets, goes up and down in value, but new crypto projects have achieved real-world applications and solutions that could give them historical upside. An example of these innovative solutions is HedgeUP ($HDUP).

This article will assess how HedgeUP ($HDUP) is an example of why crypto isn’t dead.

HedgeUp ($HDUP) is an emerging crypto platform in the alternative investment system. HedgeUp ($HDUP) is globally renowned for providing alternative investment assets. With tokenization, real-world assets like expensive art, real estate, and more are easily accessible. To make the procedure easier for international investors, the corporation divides expensive assets into tiny bits for collective investment.

HedgeUp’s ($HDUP) blockchain tokenization service creates international trading opportunities between traditional finance and private markets. $HDUP is the native token of the HedgeUp platform. The token gives access to tokenized assets that are secure, straightforward, easy to trade, and controlled by the new utility token $HDUP.

The issue of decentralized social media has always been an interesting concept in the Web3 ecosystem because there are so many possibilities for developing the blockchain network. Stage 1 of the HedgeUp ($HDUP) roadmap provides for its launch of indigenous social media and community platforms. This section is massive for HedgeUp ($HDUP) because the more social media influence the company possesses, the more investment appeal the platform has to other companies and individual investors.

HedgeUp ($HDUP) Removes the Barriers to Commercial Connectivity.

As the social platform grows, HedgeUP ($HDUP) will possess more influence in providing individual and company investors with new market opportunities and better-streamlined services. This social media and community aspect will increase HedgeUp’s social media influence. It will create awareness of the good possibilities of fractional alternative investments.

HedgeUp ($HDUP) plans to further utilize its social media influence to generate insights on crypto and alternative investments while stimulating asset demand. It will create many targeted asset offerings for targeted individuals to improve the swiftness of alternative investing. It will also promote HedgeUp’s relevance to rudimentary commerce.

Through its social media influence, HedgeUp plans to integrate with metaverse companies to facilitate communication and trade, making good use of its social media. Integrating many innovative blockchain technologies like Metaverse, NFTs, and Web3 with HedgeUp ($HDUP) is bound to increase the entire valuation and innovation of the platform and create more profit for investors. Hedgeverse, as it is called, will help connect entrepreneurs and investors to the global economy, actively synchronizing technology to bridge the distance issue in commerce.

The above technological advances of crypto, like that of HedgeUp ($HDUP) – through social media – pose a strong stance that the crypto industry is not dead. Although it has had good and bad times, it has stood the test of time, and projects like HedgeUp ($HDUP) are most definitely here to stay.

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