How To Buy Gift Cards Or Top Up Your Mobile With Crypto And CoinsBee

With the holiday season now in full gear, gift-giving is just around the corner. Due to the seemingly insurmountable challenges that the world faced this year, gift cards are going to be in high demand and at the top of everyone’s wish list. Also, it so happens that there’s a sudden surge in interest surrounding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies once again. For the influx of new users who want to use their cryptocurrencies for holiday shopping, we’ve put together this guide on how to use crypto to buy gift cards online with CoinsBee.

buy gift cards with bitcoin or any other crypto asset

What Is CoinsBee?

CoinsBee offers crypto holders the ability to pay for gift cards with Bitcoin or 50 other altcoins on some of the largest e-commerce platforms like Amazon, and more. This comes along with the provision of paying for mobile phone top-up cards, payment cards, and value cards to popular services like PlayStation Network and Steam.

Registration is free, and in a few clicks and minutes, users can receive a gift card from any of CoinsBee’s large list of partners. Here’s how. 

How To Use CoinsBee

To begin, first sign up for a free account and enter all your necessary details. No KYC is required if purchases are below a certain threshold amount. Check out the CoinsBee FAQ for exact details.

You may also choose to proceed without setting up an account (see our FAQ und KYC rules). 

After completing the signup form, a confirmation email is dispatched that contains a clickable link.

Upon clicking signup and logging in, you can begin to search through CoinsBee’s massive list of partners ranging from Apple to Amazon, and many more. 

In the example below, we purchased a PlayStation Network card to be used on the newly released PlayStation 5 console. Buying any gift card using cryptocurrencies and CoinsBee is just as simple.

buying playstation giftcard with bitcoin and crypto

The product page lets users sort the price in the cryptocurrency of their choosing, and post which they can select from a range of gift card denominations.

To complete the purchase, you must visit the shopping cart, and review the accuracy of your transaction information.

Click the button that says “Buy now with cryptocurrencies” and you will be temporarily redirected to a Coingate payment page.

After completing the purchase and confirmation of the crypto transaction, an email containing the gift card will arrive at the email address associated with your account. 

The same steps can also be followed to top up mobile phone accounts, although in this case, you can also enter a phone number to find the best option.

A FAQ is available on each page, to answer any questions and provide guidance on how to redeem the mobile top up card.

Again, adding them to the cart and following the prompts will allow you to easily pay with Bitcoin or 50 different altcoins.

purchase vodafone giftcard with bitcoin/crypto

Conclusion: Frustration-Free Holiday Shopping Starts With CoinsBee

As you can see, buying any type of card  – gift card, mobile top-up, and much more, is as easy as can be with CoinsBee. In just a few clicks and minutes, anyone can easily pay with Bitcoin or altcoins and moments later have a gift card from a wide range of premium partners.


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