How You Can Turn Old Items into a Passive Income (And How Myntist Can Help)

Take a moment to think of all the old and used items you still have in your house. This could be electronics that you no longer have use for, clothes that are no longer in fashion, or anything else. What do you plan to do with them? For most people, the answer is to throw them away or maybe let them take up space in a storage closet for years until you finally throw them away anyways. 

But what if these items could be more than space consumers and dust gatherers in your house? What if they could become a source of passive income for you? 

Well, thanks to Myntist, a blockchain-powered marketplace, they very well could be.

How to Sell on Myntist

There are many benefits to selling your old items as opposed to letting them gather dust. First, you can make an income doing so and recoup some of the money you spent on them in the first place. You can also free up space in your home and reduce clutter. And by reselling them, you give these items a second life by letting someone else enjoy them instead of contributing to environmental waste and landfill. 

But there are tons of sites that let you sell used things. How is Myntist any different? Well, Myntist stands out because it doesn’t just let you earn an income selling these things but a passive income as well. Usually, when you sell your items in a marketplace, you get paid a one-time amount for the items and that is it. 

But when you sell on Myntist, you all get royalties. You see, Myntist is blockchain-based and uses a royalty system for everything sold on its platform. Say you sold a book to someone on Myntist and get paid $10 for it and the person you sold it to resells it after reading it for $8. You not only get the $10 you initially paid but a portion of the $8 as well since you were the first seller. 

This is how your items become a passive income long after they have been taken off your hands. This is also beneficial for business owners. Many establishments have overstock or old equipment that lays dormant in storage facilities, costing the business money in some cases. By selling them on Myntist, businesses not only get an income from these items but a passive one as well. 

The money made from the items sold on Myntist is given either in Myntist’s native $MYNT token, USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum or in fiat. When this money is paid, users can cash out immediately or stake it. Staking means that the money is locked in Myntist’s liquidity pool for a certain amount of time. Should you choose to stake these tokens, you can get up to 40% interest on them. Anyone looking to get the most financial benefit from Myntist might also want to consider its early adoption token. This token will be available in the first quarter of 2023 and over time, should increase in value even as the platform becomes more used. There will be 2,222 tokens available in total, each at a price of $225 USDC. 

Besides making money, using Myntist also means that you help the environment. There is currently a big push around the world to reuse and recycle and by giving your items a second life, you can do just this. That means fewer items ending up in landfills and more things getting a third, fourth, and even fifth life (and you getting royalties for them). For businesses that sell their things on Myntist, there is also a big push to create more items that are meant to have multiple owners during their lifetime, which also benefits the environment.

The Resell Revolution

From a reduction in environmental waste to income generation, there are many benefits to reselling old items. And Myntist is making sure that its users maximise these benefits by making their income passive, creating an avenue to easily sell these items, and building an online community around the resell revolution. 

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