RankerDao Launches NFT Badges, Allowing Users To Earn Money In a Bear Market

A new intersection of gaming & crypto is getting momentum across the world, where gamers are now finally rewarded for their skills. 

The success of Axie Infinity & emergence of Games has shown us how Web3 is disrupting the gaming industry, also impacting millions of gamers to earn by playing games & having fun.

What is Ranker Dao?

RankerDAO has announced the launch of its all-new NFT Badge series, allowing users to earn money in the bear market. 

RankerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that enables the collective community of crypto adopters to earn money by playing games.

The whitelist badges give players the chance to participate in and earn from RankerDAO’s upcoming IGOs,
while the gaming badge allows players to apply for scholarships, take part in giveaways, and request new games to be added to the NFT collection. RankerDAO also offers exclusive coaching for its members and access to its inventory of NFTs.

How can you earn money?

You can enjoy their Inventory of NFTs and participate in upcoming IGO or exclusive community events, tournaments, coaching sessions, and much more by becoming a RankerDAO Badge holder.

There are two types of RankerDAO Badges that you can own

RankerDAO Gaming Badge

RankerDAO Gaming Badge is your All-in-one ticket to P2E and will bring you more fun, more games, and more tournaments.

Their super-intelligent team will help you level up & sharpen your gaming skills by bringing the next generation of tutorials designed specifically for P2E games to help you excel.

So you can Rip through levels in any game like a pro! While having a lot of fun.

  • Apply for scholarships
  • Participate in exclusive giveaways
  • Request any game you wish to be added to their NFT collection

RankerDAO Whitelist Badge

With the RankerDAO whitelist badge, you’ll be the first to experience new games & get a chance to get Investment slots in their Upcoming IGOs.

Their super-intelligent team analyses every aspect of a game in-depth before bringing it to you.

With True In-Depth Research, they’re ready to support upcoming AAA games to accelerate through the Gamefi landscape.

  • Participate in upcoming IGOs backed by True In-Depth research
  • Get First-hand experience with RankerDAOs partner games

If you need any assistance please join their Discord server and their team will be happy to help.

Get Connected

Website: https://www.RankerDAO.com
Medium: https://www.medium.com/@RankerDAO

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