Will ETC Price Go Up?

The Crypto space has been slowly garnering the attention of industrial investors. In order to attract newbies, unique crypto projects have been brewing in the market. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one such project that thrives to enable developers to build and deploy smart contracts.

Ethereum Classic is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies that happened to become familiar with the Ethereum hack. Precisely, Ethereum Classic is the older version of Ethereum, which switched to Proof of stake with its smart contracts. 

Investing in this emerging cryptocurrency can be a sensible choice to make. But anxious about how the coin will perform? To retort your inquiries, we have with us the ETC price prediction for 2023 – 2025 and the years to come!


Cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic
Token ETC
Price $
Market cap $ 0.0000
Circulating Supply 0.0000
Trading Volume  $ 0.0000
All-time high $ 0.0000 Jan 1, 1970
All-time low $ 0.0000 Jan 1, 1970

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2023 - 2030.

ETC Price Forecast December 2022

Source: Santiment

The optimism of being in the final leg of the year, and the fast-approaching holiday season and new year. The price volatility of this crypto has reduced. This could boost the social sentiments of investors and traders. Which would uplift the price up to a maximum of $22.30 by the end of the year.

On the contrary, if bears predominate the market and if fears impact the price, then it would flip to $15.59. Collectively, the regular price target could fall at $18.94.

Price Prediction Potential Low ($) Average Price ($) Potential High ($)
December 2022 15.59 18.94 22.30

ETC Price Prediction 2023

By combining the technology of Ethereum (ETH) with the philosophy of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC) is uniquely positioned to be the base layer smart contracts platform of the future, as other chains become compromised or captured by special interests.

ETC has facilitated a fast, cost-efficient, and better user experience. These features could uplift the Ethereum classic price to as high as $26.99 in 2023. The average and minimum possibilities are being $22.96 and $18.94.

Price Prediction Potential Low ($) Average Price ($) Potential High ($)
2023 18.94 22.96 26.99

ETC Price Prediction 2024

The growing adoption of cryptocurrencies will eventually drive the prominence of Ethereum Classic in the long run. Moreover, growing volumes in the industry, on account of Bitcoin’s halving, could propel the ETC price to its potential high of $32.38. 

On the contrary, if the business comes across regulatory crackdowns and restrictions, ETC’s price might stumble down to $22.72. That said, regular trade practices could land the altcoin at $27.55. 

Price Prediction Potential Low ($) Average Price ($) Potential High ($)
2024 22.72 27.55 32.38

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2025

Many people may dive into the crypto market, and as newbies, they will look out for relatively low-priced yet worthy currencies. Ethereum Classic is affordable for beginners and also is familiar with its very own breakout from Ethereum. If such a scenario occurs, the ETC price can boom and even touch $52.10.

But, the fact that Ethereum classic is still an inactive network in the competitive space can have a negative impact on its price movements. So, by the end of 2025, ETC can slash to a minimum of $39.54. However, since ETC is the original Ethereum, it can move steadily with an average price of $45.82.

Price Prediction Potential Low ($) Average Price ($) Potential High ($)
2025 39.54 45.82 52.10

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2026 – 2030

Price Prediction Potential Low ($) Average Price ($) Potential High ($)
2026 47.88 56.25 63.69
2027 56.20 64.59 71.89
2028 71.85 83.47 95.21
2029 93.26 108.21 122.89
2030 112.87 125.17 156.54

What Does The Market Say?

  2023 2024 2025
Wallet Investor $6.97 $1.22 $0.99
Gov.Capital $49.03 $88.31 $131.43
DigitalCoinPrice $45.83 $65.73 $79.19
Trading Beasts $23.49 $31.14 $38.04

What Is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is the basic Ethereum token, created on the smart contracts system, which first appeared in 2015. It was designed to help the developers to operate the application effortlessly, with heightened security. Originally, Ethereum is the hard fork of Ethereum Classic which was officially launched in July 2016. 

The main aim of the Ethereum classic has been to conserve the Ethereum blockchain, since its division. The split of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, occurred in 2016, following the hack, where around 3.6 M ETHs were stolen.

Conversely, one of the main features of ETC is that anyone can participate in its global development community. The transaction fee is collected by the miners based on the work. That said, it runs on a proof-of-work mining algorithm. 

Fundamental Analysis

Like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic also allows the signing of agreements on transactions-Smart contracts. These contracts are said to host the Decentralized Apps made on the platform (DApps). A Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus allows the ETC coins to be mined. Every transaction happening over the network requests a stipulated transaction fee to be paid. 

Further, miners receive incentives in the form of ETC for creating reliable blocks. The network works on the original Ethereum blockchain that persisted before the DAO hack. However, it underwent some updates to restore security. Unlike Ethereum, which is planning to switch to PoS soon, Ethereum Classic has no such plans and would continue with PoW, coupled with scalability improvements in the near future.

Many misinterpret ETC to be a payment medium when in reality it is only a decentralized blockchain domain. Assisting the creation of DApps and smart contracts, without any third-party interference. The network has always been with open arms for new partnerships and collaboration posing to enhance its utility.

CoinPedia’s Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

IOHK’s move towards scalability and environment-friendly initiatives is known to the masses from the industry. IOHK’s relation with Ethereum Classic can impose a green signal for the altcoin in the near future.

According to CoinPedia’s formulated ETC price prediction, if the network sees initiatives with IOHK. The price of ETC could soar to its maximum of $22.30, by year-end. On the other hand, if the network fails to work on its security, and falls prey to any cyber hack, the price can drop to $15.59.

As a long-term forecast, if Ethereum Classic grows in price and shows good profit margins, its price prediction can hit $52.10 by 2025. But negative sentiments like a mining ban or a market collapse can pull a low of $39.54.

Historical Market Sentiments 2016 – 2022

  • Ethereum classic started its journey with a trading price of $0.66. The price drastically surged to $2.14 by the end of July. With certain price variations, the year was concluded at $1.38.
  • ETC continued to trade at $1.40 by early January. The price rose dramatically to $22.34 by mid of June. ETC surged further and recorded its All-Time-High at $47.77 by mid-December. But terminated the year at $26.93.
  • The price surged to $41.79 in February, but the price initiated a downward move and arrived at $14.13 by April. ETC was hovering in the range between $12 and $16 until December and ended at $5.
  • The year had broadly been bland for Ethereum Classic. The price of ETC managed to trade in the frequency range between $3 and $7 throughout the year.
  • During the start of 2020, ETC was seen trading at $4.86. In a progressive move, the price reached the $11 mark by early February. But plunged to $5 by the end of March. ETC had closed its annual trade for 2020 at $5.66.
  • The digital asset which initiated its trade at $5.70, surged to surpass its 3-digit milestone creating an ATH of $176.06 on the 6th of May. However, the digital asset was hit hard by the market crash, which resulted in losses of 440%. Further, the Chinese market turmoil in the first week of September pushed the price down to $45.47.
  • ETC price had made its way to 2022 with a price tag of $33.92. The crypto asset took the quarter’s first biggest fall to $21.77 An 82.70% boost helped close the first quarter at $51.05.
  • The brawl between the bulls and the bears led to the second quarter’s closure at $14.39 with losses summing up to over 68%.


Can Ethereum Classic be halved?

No, ETC cannot be halved as it is only mined.

Is it profitable to invest in Ethereum Classic?

Yes. The long-term earning potential seems bullish for Ethereum Classic.

What is the difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum runs on the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm and Ethereum Classic works with smart contracts and Decentralized Apps.

What could be the maximum trading price of ETC by the end of 2022?

ETC price could possibly be changing hands at its maximum level of $22.30 by the end of 2022.

How much will Ethereum Classic be worth in 2025?

According to CoinPedia’s Ethereum Classic price prediction, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) could be worth $52.10 by the end of 2025. With a potential surge the price could cross the $150 mark with a ATH of $156.54 by the end of 2030.

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