5 NFT gift ideas for .01 ETH 🎁

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In my previous weekly NFT recap, I mentioned the possibility of gifting NFTs this holiday season. 

Digital things aren’t for everyone, right. But for those people in your life you may want to try this approach with, you can always keep the stakes low and fun via interesting yet inexpensive NFTs. 

So where even to start on this gift hunt?

I’ve got you covered! Let’s walk through a handful of cool gift ideas you can consider for NFTs currently priced around 0.01Ξ (~$12 USD) each!


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The registration UI on the ENS app

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is the most popular naming system on Ethereum. This decentralized and open service lets people register human-readable names, like satoshi.eth, to Ethereum addresses to make these addresses easier to find and use. 

As such, gifting an ENS domain is a way to help your giftee ditch copying and pasting their long alphanumerical Ethereum address once and for all. Alternatively, you could even send a goofy address as an inside joke!

To create a name you’d go to the ENS app, search for an available 5+ letter domain, and then follow through the registration prompts. Once your desired name is minted, you can select it and transfer it to the appropriate address via the Registrant and Controller options in ENS’s My Account dashboard. 

The Froyo kittens market on OpenSea

Sometimes profile picture (PFP) collections will have characters that remind you of someone you know in real life. That said, finding a cute PFP NFT that speaks to the spirit of one of your friends is one gift avenue you can consider. 

Since aesthetics are subjective, there are no right or wrong answers here. You can keep things simple by going to an NFT marketplace like Blur, sorting by Floor Price, and then scrolling down until you find all the projects whose floors’ start at ~0.01Ξ. Then you’d just go for something that you think has the right look! 

For example, a handful of PFP collections at that price point right now that I personally think look cool include: 

Selecting an OKPC NFT to “paint” on

OKPC are creative art toys stored as NFTs on Ethereum. You can think about them sort of like onchain Etch-a-Sketch toys!

That means you can acquire an OKPC, draw any image you want on it through the OKPC app, and then gift it to your person of choice as a creative package. Alternatively, you can just gift an OKPC so the giftee can draw whatever they want on the NFT, too.  

The OKPC Draw UI

The floor on Sound Market

Music as digital collectibles is booming in the NFT ecosystem. 

One of the platforms that’s been seeing a ton of great music drops and collector activity lately has been Sound, which recently unveiled its own native marketplace. 

If you have a music lover in your friend group, a music collectible could be an interesting gift for them. Again, picking out a song is a subjective thing, but on Sound Market you can sort by Lowest Price and find many cool records listed on the secondary marketplace for around 0.01Ξ right now. 

Vote in Nouns DAO via N3XT NFTs

Nouns DAO is one of the most interesting NFT and DAO projects in the crypto space, bar none. 

What many people don’t realize, though, is that Bud Light — the beer giant — has been one of the most active Nouns voters after acquiring Noun 179 earlier this year. 

Even fewer people realize that the community of Bud Light N3XT NFT holders collectively vote on how Noun 179 votes in Nouns DAO through Snapshot votes!

In that sense, a Bud Light N3XT NFT is the most inexpensive way available today to get indirect voting access to Nouns DAO. If you know someone a little deeper into NFTs who wants to actively vote on Nouns proposals, N3XT NFTs are a price-friendly entry point. 

The NFT Scribe UI

Built by Conlan Rios, NFT Scribe is a smart contract that lets ERC721 NFT owners add onchain messages to their NFTs. In the context of gifting, you can use this service to write gift notes on NFTs. That way in the future the recipient can use NFT Scribe to read your message and even add their own! Note that Ethereum and Polygon (tutorial here) are currently supported.

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