Artist Blends Real Life Photos of Herself With Her Second Life Avatar in Midjourney to Amazing Effect

52510415398_87f45eb3a9_kFive faces of Whiskey Monday and her IRL owner — via her Flickr

You can create an avatar based on yourself in Midjourney, but famed Second Life artist Whiskey Monday went a step further, combining multiple images of her SL avatar with photos of herself in real life to create an incredible new persona. 

“I put my RL pics first, and then it generated a Midjourney version of me,” Whiskey explains. “Then I added SL pics, and did the same thing, and then I blended them all in several steps. I found that Midjourney doesn’t do well with glasses, so I tried an older pic without glasses.” (See above.)

In the process, she learned something about Whiskey in SL and Whiskey IRL:

“I used to try hard to make my avatar look like RL me. But over the past couple of years, I’ve stopped caring so much and have just played with new faces for Whiskey. I think it would be interesting to try this again with an older Whiskey face. But what I learned this round is that I still have a certain look, even though Whiskey is less like Jenn.” (I.E. Whiskey’s offline owner.)

Here’s some other variations courtesy Ms. Day:

Whiskey Midjourney SL avatar

“This is the most realistic pic I generated, that really does look like a RL/SL blend of a person.”

Conglomeration RL and SL Whiskey pics.

Whiskey: “This one is a pretty good conglomeration of all of the RL and SL Whiskey pics.”  

Whiskey Midjourney SL avatar blended

Personally this one above strikes me as the best blended Whiskey!

And now it’s your turn, dear reader. Post your own blend in Comments for possible featuring next week!

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All images copyright Whiskey Day.

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