Banagher Crisp Creates Amazing Avatar Pics Painted in Bright Light & Deep Shadow


Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Banagher Crisp has one of those photostreams that make it difficult for me by overflowing with fantastic photos, any one of which could be featured. I usually try to find some connective tissue, some theme that unites some of them, so I can narrow my choices, but what fascinates me about Banagher’s pictures is his use of light and, oddly enough, he uses light in every single picture. Take this portrait that is taken from merely good to excellent by that narrow band of light shining on his arm and the shoulder of his shirt and illuminating the smoke. Banagher paints with light. 

For more extraordinary pics, click here:

- خد حياتي خد حنيني عمري ايامي وسنيني -

Have you ever been so exhausted that even unlocking your door is a struggle? You can see his exhaustion in the curve of his back, his head resting on the door as he places the key. To emphasize that exhaustion, there is little light but enough to illuminate his slumping shoulders in the white shirt.

I Just Want To Let Go...

“I Just Want to Let Go” is the picture that first drew my attention. It’s unclear thanks to the blur and diffused light. There is the suggestion of movement, the boxes scattered and falling, the paper blowing in the wind. It seems the world is letting go, so why not him? 

You definitely have to check out Banagher Crisp’s stream. One way I reduced the number of choices was to use the horizontal pictures that more easily fit this blog format, but the majority of his pics are vertical including some of the most amazing pictures. He shoots a lot of backlit photos and they are delightful. Go look, you will be glad you did. 

All images copyright Banagher Crisp

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Cajsa Lilliehook is a sixteen year resident of Second Life, where she owned a photo studio, spent several years as a DJ at The Velvet, and for her first SL job, cleaned up prim trash. She co-founded and runs the It’s Only Fashion blog with her best friend Gidge Uriza. She also has a book review blog, Tonstant Weader Reviews and a cooking blog, Single Serving Recipes. She spends a lot of time researching and reporting on Republican sexual predators. In her first life, she is a retired grassroots leader who has worked for economic and social justice issues most of her life. She is also the minion of a cat named Nora.


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