Breathtakingly Posed & Dynamic Second Life Images by Keinenbika

Keinenbika SL Flickr best pics

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Keinenbika has mastered movement in Second Life. Look at her hair swinging in the breeze. She is excellent at framing and posing to take full advantage of the abundance of dynamic hairstyles available in SL. Her hair swirls like the flourish of ink from a paintbrush. 

For more dynamic movement, click here:

under the sea

In “Under the sea” her hair again illustrates her movement, this time undulating through the water. I love the flash of sunlight coming from above. She does a wonderful job of showing the water and how her movement shifts the bubbles.

UZME_Poses HandGun 03

This action pose is fairly common, but seldom done this well. Her hair is dynamic. The blurring of her legs suggests her fast movement as does her flowing hair.  It’s not enough to just add some dynamic hair, the pose and framing have to make sense. 

Keinenbika’ photostream is a great one to follow. She takes a mix of action shots and fantasy pics. I love her fairy tale group picture. She also takes some pictures with friends and in school including an adorable pic of a sleeping student

Recommended laptop for SL/metaverse activity:

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All images copyright Keinenbika

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