Chic Shopping Looks by SL Style Blogger Laylah Lecker

The Lady Simply Had Enough

Here she is looking chic again in The Lady Simply Had Enough. I love how tired she looks, like she has simply  had enough. The dog looking back is a nice touch. 

Fashion Collecker is a lovely blog. I love her chic and elegant style. She goes for classics and that is increasingly difficult in the clothing market dominated by lingerie and clubwear. I like her about page which tells us something about her beyond name, rank, and service number. However,, if she is on Facebook or other social media, you won’t find any links. Her Flickr is promoted in a sidebar way down below links to stores and feeds. She also lists the stores she blogs for. She include a page that honors the memory of someone she loved as well. Definitely check her out.


See all of Cajsa’s Choices here. Follow Cajsa on Flickr, on Twitter, on her blog, and on her Ko-Fi.

All images copyright Laylah Lecker

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