Fantastic Friday Fashion Finds from SL Style Blogger Venus von Deep

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Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Venus von Deep’s blog post Ready to Pop captivated me. I love the colorful skin. It reminds me of Seventies fabrics. I am pretty sure my sister-in-law had a shift dress in a similar print. No one was afraid of color in the Seventies. I love how she commits fully to the look including the setting. It’s a very editorial picture with complete credits for the outfit and mood music. (Topic by Retrogade). Venus includes her raw shot so you can see start to finish. Click through to her blog for even more details. 

  • SKIN BODYSUIT/MASK: (BYRNE) – MaryModFullSuit (Pink)
    • for BOM Evo (not EvoX)
    • 4 different color combo’s included, face version optional
  • BODYSUIT:  SEKA –  Gesugao Body
    • includes optional ‘Hentai’ particle and Hentai print
  • LEG STRAPS/HARNESS: SEKA – SuperuWu Bottom / Legstrap
    • fully customizable, many mix & match options

And now for something completely different, click here:

Screenshot (258)

Scorpio is a completely different vibe from the previous Venus von Deep post, but it does share a few characteristics, the most important being a complete commitment to the mood. From bright pop optimism to the scary Scorpio, on the razor’s edge of violence. The red and black color scheme sets the stage for power.

That headpiece from Zibska might be unwieldy in battle, but it sure adds to the intimidation factor before it. The mood music is Give Me a Reason by Boy Harshar. She has a sword, I recommend not giving her a reason. She’s featuring items from  NEO-JAPAN that opened on the 25th and will close on April 17th. Click through to her blog for even more details. 

  • KIMONO: *:..Silvery K..:* – KimonoMesh Kagerou (Sparkle – Red)
    • – pretty sparkles~
    • – includes texture change hud for details
    • @ NEO-JAPAN EVENT (opens MARCH 25)
  • HAIR:  KMH – F225 (Natural pack)
    • – hud includes 12 hair/5 hat colors
    • – includes BOM EvoX hairbases
    • @ NEO-JAPAN EVENT (opens MARCH 25)
  • HEADPIECE/EARRINGS/COLLAR: Zibska ~ Kumiko Set 22 colors for different combos)

Venus von Deep rewards followers with comprehensive credits with links, mood music, and frequently a raw shot to compare the finished picture with. Her pictures are fabulous, full of imagination and energy. She makes me feel excited about the clothing and her outfits. Her about me is actually about her, about what motivates and drives her.

She has a gallery of some favorite pictures and a link to Flickr. This is definitely a blog to follow. 

All images copyright Venus von Deep


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Suggest images and Flickr feeds to Cajsa: Cajsa’s Choices is devoted to unique, artistic, and innovative virtual world-based images and screenshots that showcase the medium as an art form and Second Life as a creative platform. (Generally not images that fit on this Bingo card.) To recommend the best in virtual world imagery, tag the picture with #CasjaNWN or tag Cajsa Lilliehook by adding her to the photo. 

Cajsa Lilliehook is a sixteen year resident of Second Life, where she owned a photo studio, spent several years as a DJ at The Velvet, and for her first SL job, cleaned up prim trash. She co-founded and runs the It’s Only Fashion blog with her best friend Gidge Uriza. She also has a book review blog, Tonstant Weader Reviews and a cooking blog, Single Serving Recipes. She spends a lot of time researching and reporting on Republican sexual predators. In her first life, she is a retired grassroots leader who has worked for economic and social justice issues most of her life. She is also the minion of a cat named Nora.

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