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Dear Bankless Nation, 

Gem is an NFT marketplace aggregator. 

The platform has helped pioneer “sweeping,” or buying NFTs across multiple marketplaces simultaneously. 

But did you know Gem also offers a Live Mints dashboard, which makes real-time discovery and minting around ongoing NFT drops a breeze?

It’s a great resource to add to your NFT toolbox, so let’s get you up to speed on the basics of using this dashboard for today’s post!


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Right now, Gem offers three main pages: Send, for batch transferring NFTs, Sell, for listing NFTs for sale across multiple marketplaces, and Discover, for finding trending collections, new sweeps, and beyond. 

Within the Discovery section you can go to the Live Mints dashboard by clicking on the 🌱 Mints button at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can navigate straight to the dashboard with your browser by visiting

Example of Gem’s Mints UI on the Discovery page

Once you’re on the dashboard, you have various ways you can sort the real-time data that’s flowing in. 

For example, you can use the search bar to look for a specific new collection by its address or name. There’s also a filter menu you can use to review new collections per All, Mintable, Free Mints, and Paid Mints options. 

Importantly, you’re also able to sort new mints time-wise using the 24H, 6H, 1H, 30m, 15m, and 5m buttons at the top of the Mints dashboard. 

The time filters in the Mints UI

When you click through these options, the main Mints stats hub will show you exactly how many NFTs were minted during these timeframes and activity trendlines for visualizing recent minting flows on a project-by-project basis. These trendlines are great for getting an immediate sense for whether mints are slowing down or picking up steam. 

Trendlines can be seen on the right side of the Mints dashboard

Additionally, this main stats hub also displays useful info like Top Wallets (OpenSea verified accounts or “top profit making wallets”), mint and floor prices, the number and percentage of unique minters, and total mints + total supply

Gem optimizes for real-time data over curating by collection quality in the Mints dashboard, so just because a project appears in this hub doesn’t mean it’s worth minting. Many you see will be low-quality efforts and won’t amount to anything. Yet if you do find a compelling project that’s open and strikes your fancy, simply press its purple Mint button to proceed.  

Minting a Prometheans NFT on Gem

If the project allows you to mint multiple NFTs at once, Gem will let you input how many you want, otherwise you can typically mint one NFT at a time. 

Gem will then ask you to click a box that indicates you understand you’re interacting with an external, third-party smart contract after which you can press Mint again and complete the transaction with your wallet. Boom, once that’s done you have your newly-discovered NFT(s)! 

Want to try for yourself? Built by the team at, Prometheans is a free onchain game with an ongoing open drop. The project looks interesting, and right now you can find it on Gem if you want to give the Mints dashboard a spin firsthand with a free mint. 

I want to double back and reiterate again that many things you find in the Mints dashboard will be low-quality projects that won’t be worth your time. That’s just the reality of things considering the sheer volume of NFT collections that are released everyday. 

That said, every now and again this dashboard can help you find neat efforts like Prometheans, so it’s a great discovery resource for NFTers to get the hang of. 

Zooming out, Gem is on the verge of releasing its V2 infra, so look for potential additions and advances to the Mints dashboard system when that release happens! 

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