For Wednesday, Here’s Amazing Second Life Cosplay Inspired by Netflix’s Wednesday

Wednesday Addams

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

I have been watching Wednesday, the new Netflix series, slowly because I am savoring it. I am only on the third episode, the one with the fantastic dance scene and Wednesday all dressed up for the ball in a confection similar to this picture by Camilla Mel Smel Auroline.. I like that she gives us a look that is more true to the character. One of the things Wednesday in the show would not wear is a very short dress with exposed garters. She has no interest in being the subject of the male gaze in Western patriarchy.

Here’s the outfit in the show’s dance clip. Enjoy!

For more Wednesday pics, click here:


I love this Wednesday from Connie Miau. She has Wednesday’s emotional appeal down perfect. Wednesday is thinking too much for a simple “resting bitch face” so somehow the vitality has to come through her eyes. Perhaps because she is reaching back to Thing, she projects more than a flat affect.


Wednesday’s performance on the cello is another stunner in the series and Nami Demonista captures her in her dorm room, practicing away. I love that the window is there even though her roommate is not represented. I hope that is not because something bad happens to her. 

Here’s Wednesday playing “Paint It Black” from the Rolling Stones.


I have been collecting Wednesday-inspired pics in a Flickr gallery (above). You can tag me if you have a Wednesday or Addams family homage to include. [To see the gallery on Flickr, click here]

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