How an AI Chatbot Keeps the Bitcoin Creators Legacy Alive

Artificial intelligence enthusiasts Pierre Corbin and Hugo Ferrer have unveiled a new Bitcoin AI chatbot, Talk2Satoshi. This chatbot provides answers in the style of elusive Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto about cryptocurrency and economics.

How an AI Chatbot Keeps the Bitcoin Creators Legacy Alive

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, disappeared more than a decade ago. Despite this, Corbin and Ferrer have made efforts to resurrect his voice through Talk2Satoshi. Released on May 31, this AI chatbot was built to answer questions about Bitcoin and economic matters in a manner that mirrors Nakamoto’s mindset.

Talk2Satoshi operates on OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI model, which was trained on a curated dataset. This dataset includes Nakamoto’s writings, public emails, and forum posts, along with other resources. These additional resources include Saifedean Ammous’s book “The Bitcoin Standard”, Jeff Booth’s book “The Price of Tomorrow”, and Corbin’s film “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin”. Corbin and Ferrer plan to incorporate more sources in the future.

Testing showed the chatbot had a positive outlook for Bitcoin and doubt about fiat currencies. However, the responses can vary and even contradict each other, depending on the questions asked. It’s important to note that the chatbot lacks updates on the most recent developments in Bitcoin, such as the Ordinals protocol or BRC-20 tokens, and typically avoids commenting on these topics.

Bitcoin and AI

Corbin sees Talk2Satoshi as an illustration of how AI chatbot can be used in education. The chatbot can effectively respond to basic questions about Bitcoin’s operation and the mining process. It is also adept at explaining the role of satoshis within the network.

Despite its limitations, Corbin and Ferrer see the chatbot as a useful educational tool, and it could pave the way for more specialized AI applications in the future.

  • OpenAI is a nonprofit company that creates AI technology. It was founded by Stripe’s former CTO Greg Brockman, Elon Musk, and Sam Altman. The company was valued at more than $29 billion in its 2021 tender offer.

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