I Talk Marketing in Roblox, Grassroots Creators, and the Metaverse vs. AI at GamesBeat 2023’s Metaverse Forum

Here’s my Metaverse Forum appearance broadcast at GamesBeat 2023 last week, along with Chris Brandt, CMO of Chipotle (creator of this burrito-making game in Roblox), Roblox VP Nick Tornow, with Shuchi Rana moderating. Topics include: 

  • What got each of you interested in the Metaverse?
  • There are many definitions & many tiers of the Metaverse, what does it mean for each one of you?
  • What are some of the foundational elements/building blocks that people should be thinking about when it comes to the metaverse?
  • To anyone who thinks AI has taken over the conversation, how would you defend the Metaverse?
  • Who do you think will play a key role in defining & building the metaverse?

Featuring (around 23 minutes in) a mention of Blueberry, which first started in Second Life before going multi-metaverse platform, and LA Gurlz, a top creator in Roblox who’s featured in my next book.

If I look somewhat frazzled, it’s because my wi-fi started crapping out just minutes before the forum recording started and had to move my whole setup across the room so I could plug into the router.

Questions, comments? Please post below! And see you (hopefully) at the next VentureBeat event, GamesBeat Summit Next, in the Fall.

Metaverse Gamesbeat Wagner James Au

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