Metaverse Creator Finds Dances Trending on TikTok, Quickly Recreates & Sells Them To Sims 4, Second Life & IMVU Community

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Remember that Wednesday dance I blogged last week? Turns out there’s more to that story, and it’s a smart way of leveraging and bridging social media and metaverse platforms.

“The dance I did was the routine that was trending on TikTok,” creator Phia Sims tells me. “I created the TikTok (short) version instead of the original dance from the actual series. This was my reference video.”

Then she uploads and sells that dance to various metaverse platforms:

“I create for The Sims 4, IMVU, and Second Life. They’re all successful but if I had to choose I would say that both IMVU and Second Life are the most successful.”

Which is good, because making a trending dance like this in such a short time takes a lot of work:

“I create this by first studying and analyzing the trending dance. After that, I put a lot of key poses on different keyframes on the Rig through Blender. It’s VERY time consuming but worth it in the end because the results are amazing. Sales have been amazing so far. I’m noticing new users buying from me and I’m very much thankful that everyone love the dance as much as I do.”

Maybe what Phia is doing is only new to me, but it’s incredibly savvy. While there’s some SL community on TikTok, she sees more Second Life activity via her Instagram

Tik Tok dance metaverse platforms

“I only know one person that’s pretty consistent with her videos on there. Her videos are enjoyable to watch. Her name is .mooshuu on TikTok. I notice that it’s mainly a lot of IMVU people on that app. The Second Life crowd are mainly on [Instagram]. Gamingorwhateva (her main page is theoriisworld she does both SL and IMVU videos). She’s pretty popular in the virtual world. and Yalla.vl (she’s a popular creator for both SL and IMVU).”

Readers if you’re on TikTok doing metaverse stuff, please post info in Comments. CCP encroachment aside, I’ve been meaning to feature more about the TikTok community on New World Notes!

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