This Artist Is Creating an Entire Graphic Novel With Midjourney Credited as Co-Creator


Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Zoe Jimenez is primarily a Second Life creator and photographer with an obsession with graphic novels and magazine covers. Her Second Life photos are full of covers and character cards, most not safe for Google. However, with the advent of Midjourney, she took a departure from the virtual world and went into a creative frenzy, refining her skill with the AI until she created “Proof of Concept”, her Midjourney-illustrated graphic novel. You will note at the bottom of the page, she explicitly lists Midjourney as a co-creator, the kind of transparency that AI creation demands. This is page three of her story and it’s hilarious. I love when he says she is too much and she replies, “I will be.” 

For a peek behind the scenes, click here:


I love this page giving insight into her process, providing reference images and showing the evolution of an image.


Her story is an exploration of the multiverse. This panel gives us a bit of a cliff-hanger and the key organizing principle of the story. I want more! A woman of the metaverse creating a story about the multiverse using Artificial Intelligence. It’s so 2025.

Do follow Zoe Jimenez’ photostream  not just to find out what happens to the multi-Zoes, but because she has such creative energy and originality. It’s worth going back several pages to enjoy her Second Life art and portraits as well. 

See all of Cajsa’s Choices here. Follow Cajsa on Flickr, on Twitter, on her blog, and on her Ko-Fi.

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