This Artist Makes Second Life Screenshots Look Like Artful Polaroid Photos


Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Friiday Nightfire’s “Miss You” stopped my browsing in its tracks. I have seen a very similar picture of a cat and a koi and immediately began searching for it. I could not find the picture I was looking for until I realized it was packed away in a box in my best friend’s basement. It’s one of two Chinese églomisé paintings I bought at an auction many years ago. It’s a classic subject, the cat and the koi, though this picture feels more Japanese than Chinese thanks to its minimalism. 

I love how this picture is framed in white almost like a Polaroid. It reminds me of pictures in a photo album from back when we curated our photos, saving them into albums to protect them and organize them. [To Teleport, click here: Adagio Gardens] The picture should be enjoyed with the music of Chet Baker & Stan Getz – 1983. [To listen, click here: Just friends]

For more snaps with a similar sensibility, click here:

A Green Caring Tree

“A Green Caring Tree” is framed more obviously as a Polaroid with the longer bit of white below and a title scribbled on it. Likewise, it has a minimalist simplicity but this reminds me of the wonderful chiaroscuro of a Renaissance still life. Again Friiday provides a SLurl and a musical background. [To Teleport to Sweet Paradise, click here] [To Listen to AMC Trio & Philip Catherine play Chakaka, click here]


But not for Me @ Frogmore

“But not for me” has a narrow white frame and looks as though it were painted by Van Gogh rather than beginning its life in prims and pixels in Second Life. [To teleport to Frogmore: Click here] [To listen to But Not for Me by Lisa Ekdahl & Peter Nordahl Tro, Click here]

Friiday Nightfire makes my job harder than most. There is not one picture in this photostream that does not deserve to be highlighted and amplified. There is so much to savor. For example, sometimes Friiday takes one pic and manipulates in several different ways, not just in changing the hue or texture but also reframing it with completely different cropping. Then you begin to wonder what variation you like the most, but even that is impossible. Friiday also curated a few galleries of other SL artists that I think may be a source of many new columns. 

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All images copyright Friiday Nightfire

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