This Artist Photographs Second Life Foliage & Presents Them Like Paintings

true as it can be

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Mariza on a Journey is a Second Life explorer-photographer who finds the beauty in the small and lovely bits of the virtual universe. “True as it can be” is a lovely shot of Queen Anne’s Lace, one of my favorite flowers. I love the delicacy of the umbels of flowers. They are useful flowers. Dried, the tiny seeds are a tasty spice. The roots can be cooked. They also have medicinal uses, a sort of “Morning After” pill. I love how the picture is blown out leaving only the forms of the plants with a limited color range. [To teleport: Click here]

For more ways of looking at this flower, click here:

the sadness in the beauty of the things

“The Sadness in the beauty of the things” is a sepia duotone, looking from above instead of below. It reminds me of a photogram, a picture made without a camera. You place an object or object of the photosensitive paper and expose it, then develop it like a regular photo. The more opaque parts of the object are the lightest and the more transparent parts are darker, so it’s sort of like a negative. Man Ray was into photograms and he called his art “Rayographs.”  In our fourth year of art in high school, we were free to pursue any type of art that we wanted and I made countless photograms with lace, cut glass objects, and fabrics. I dyed them all sepia as well. So this picture almost felt like visiting the old high school darkroom again. 


“Broken Dreams” gives us Queen Anne’s Lace again, this time from a bit of distance. Their abundance and vibrancy is a bold contrast with the decay of the gate. Nature overtaking man’s creation. 

Mariza on a Journey shoots marvelous pictures of more than Queen Anne’s Lace, though there are still several more pictures of that flower. It is a great subject, very sculptural. Most of the pictures of flowers are shot from below and the pictures of people are shot from above. She also shoots landscape pics. There is so much to enjoy, I hope you follow her. Lately, most of her pics are from Midjourney and you don’t get to SL pics until the third page. I hope she comes back to SL photography again. 

See all of Cajsa’s Choices here. Follow Cajsa on Flickr, on Twitter, on her blog, and on her Ko-Fi.

All images copyright Augusta Godenot

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