Top 5 Posts Including: Epic's Metaverse 2.0 Bid, Reasons to Be Semi-Bearish About Generative AI & a Linden CEO's New Second Life XXL Game

Life by You Sims Rod Humble Second Life

  • Fortnite Becomes Much More Of A Metaverse Platform With Unreal Editor Integration, Asset Store, Better Monetization For User Creators
  • First Look At Life By You From Sims/Second Life Dev Rod Humble — A Simulation/Sandbox Game Of Head-Spinning Ambition
  • Top Metaverse Creators Lobby Linden Lab To Update Second Life’s “Horribly Dated” Terrain Textures
  • New Second Life Sim Inspired By China’s “Red Beach” Is So Amazing, There’s A Large Flickr Group Devoted To Photographing It
  • 4 Reasons To Doubt Generative AI Will Be As Transformative As All Of Silicon Valley Apparently Thinks

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