Top 5 Posts Including: Meta's Sunk Cost Fallacy Around VR & How Metaverse Platforms Are Still More Popular Than Generative AI

Metaverse Matters GamesBeat Wagner James Au

  • As Anti-LGBT Hate Increases Across The Real World, Many Still Celebrate Pride Month In Second Life & Other Virtual Worlds
  • Will NVIDIA’s AI-Powered NPCs Make Games More Fun? This Star Wars Old Republic Designer Has Concerns
  • Quest 3 Continues Meta’s Sunk Cost Fallacy For A VR Mass Market That Does Not & Likely Cannot Exist
  • Watch: I Talk Marketing In Roblox, Grassroots Creators, And The Metaverse Vs. AI At GamesBeat 2023’S Metaverse Forum
  • Reality Check: Metaverse Platforms Still More Used Than ChatGPT

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