Top 6 Posts Last Week Featuring: Why AI May Not Disrupt 3D Worlds & A Clever Way of Connecting Metaverse Platforms With TikTok & Instagram

AI procedural generation games metaverse artAbove: The procedurally-generated No Man’s Sky

  • I’m Not Leaving Twitter (Yet) But Please Follow Me On LinkedIn
  • LOOK: These Beautiful Paintings Are Actually Second Life Screenshots Processed Though Stable Diffusion AI
  • Metaverse Creator Finds Dances Trending On TikTok, Quickly Recreates & Sells Them To Sims 4, Second Life & IMVU Community
  • LOOK: Breathtakingly Posed & Dynamic Second Life Images By Keinenbika
  • AI Probably Won’t Disrupt 3D World Creation, Argues Veteran Game Artist
  • Linden Lab Hiring Senior Product Manager To Improve First-Time User Experience — Here’s Who I’d Recruit

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