““Transcend Struggle”, a Powerful Art Gallery Show

Trancend Struggle by Yann Gyro @ Nitroglobus

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

There is an exhibit at Dido Haas’ Nitroglobus Gallery that might intrigue and fascinate many of you. It’s called “Transcend Struggle”. You want to go soon as it is only for the month of March. [To teleport to the gallery, click here

The show features the work of Yann Gyro, who does most of his work for in-world exhibitions rather than Flickr. The exhibition is about illness, struggle, and transcendence. The artist wrote a poem, which you can read by clicking through to the picture on his Flickr. 

Here is the first verse for the above image: 

You faced the fear, when you heard the news

But I was here, and I saw you rise and choose

To find your power, and stand tall with grace

And embrace the challenge, with courage in your face

For more by Yann Gyro, click here:

Luckily, Glasz DeCuir made a short video of the exhibition. You can see how his art goes from abstraction to specificity and back again. The sculpted body with the pills floating around in it. I just took eighteen pills – the morning regimen. Thankfully, many are just once a day.


“The Memory Thief” is a pic from about a year ago, when he still posted to Flickr. I love the image of the ultra-connected person plugged in every which way, but there is that coaxial cable that has been disconnected, the memory thief, indeed. Television does steal our memories thanks to all the memories we do not make because rather than doing, we are watching.  

Yann Gyrp’s photostream is intriguing, though he has added nothing new since The Memory Thief. His older work is still well-done and thoughtful. You can see the roots of Transcend Struggle in his 2020 work Stay Safe when COVID was still a new disease. There’s a lot to see and you should check it out. 

All images copyright Dido Haas and Yann Gyro.

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Cajsa Lilliehook is a sixteen year resident of Second Life, where she owned a photo studio, spent several years as a DJ at The Velvet, and for her first SL job, cleaned up prim trash. She co-founded and runs the It’s Only Fashion blog with her best friend Gidge Uriza. She also has a book review blog, Tonstant Weader Reviews and a cooking blog, Single Serving Recipes. She spends a lot of time researching and reporting on Republican sexual predators. In her first life, she is a retired grassroots leader who has worked for economic and social justice issues most of her life. She is also the minion of a cat named Nora.

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