Wackily Exploring Second Life With a Surf Board in Tow


Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

“Have surfboard, will travel” could be Kian Ericsson’s motto for a recent photo project he is working on. He’s touring the many sims of Second Life and taking a pic of himself and his board, even when they are incongruous. This pic looks plausible until you notice the snow on the ground. Brrrr. It was taken at EchoRidge. [To teleport, click here]

For more surf’s up pics, click here:


According to Kian, this was captured on a security camera at Pinos. [To teleport, click here] You might think something like this would never happen, but you would be wrong, but that’s a long story. Suffice it to say, I once spent seven hours sitting in a bar with just my swimsuit. No money, no iD, and only 1 shoe. My college roommate was with me and was dressed the same. We split one pair of flip flops between us to look like we had shoes on. We were waiting for our other roommate who was supposed to pick us up at around four, but she got lost. Really lost. She found us after midnight.

Recommended laptop for SL/metaverse activity:


The haystack! How perfect can one picture be? I love that he mixed it up a bit, showing the surfboard by his side instead of carrying, but still there and very much part of the picture. 

You should definitely check out Kian Ericsson’s stream. He has some stunning photos, particularly his landscapes. There are many pictures of him around our world having fun, jumping turnstiles, and more. His facility with water is extraordinary and he has a bold confidence with his landscapes. Spend some time in his stream. It will make you happy. 

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All images copyright Kian Ericsson

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