Want Your Items Featured in New World Video’s Holiday Special? Here’s How!

Isabelle Cheren SL Metaverse video holidays

For our next New World Notes video we’re doing a holiday theme and trying something fun while chatting about Metaverse news — we’re featuring fun Second Life gift ideas. If you’re a merchant interested in having some of your items featured on the show.

Submission deadline is by December 18, SLT.

And yes, we may feature some Adult-rated items, but only if they’re totally hilarious and we can blur out the naughty bits. But PG-13 is generally preferred.

Here’s how to submit them:

  • Send it to the inventory of my excellent cohost and producer Isabelle Cheren
  • Also send her a notecard with the item(s) price, a short description, and a link to the Marketplace and in-world store. We’ll include those links in the video description and also in a New World Notes blog post.
  • We’ll feature our favorite items on next week’s show, just in time for Christmas shopping!

Watch our last episode below!

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