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FewoWorld is about to experience a cosmic explosion of creativity with the arrival of FEWOs, the inhabitants of this imaginative realm. Created through the power of Paint, these 20,000 unique characters are set to make their debut from August 21-25. Let’s delve into the intriguing lore behind FEWOs and what sets them apart from other projects.


Unveiling the FEWOs: FEWOs are not your ordinary profile picture (PFP) project. Each FEWO possesses a distinct set of traits and characteristics that are ingrained in their DNA. From captivating squiggly eyes to intricate linework bones, every trait has been meticulously hand-drawn by the visionary artist FEWOCiOUS and transformed into stunning 3D artwork.

Claiming Your FEWO

To acquire a FEWO, you can participate in the Paint Holders Presale, where holding a Paint Drop allows you to redeem a FEWO with a free mint. The specific dates for the presale are yet to be announced, and gas fees and other charges may apply.

  • Discounted Access for Art Holders: If you already own Fewo Art, canvas, or previously released wearables, you have the opportunity to access the Fewo Art Holders Presale at a discounted price. Stay tuned for the presale date and the ETH amount required, as well as any applicable gas fees.
  • Open to the Public: The general public will also have a chance to participate in the FEWOs public sale. The exact date and ETH amount for this event will be announced later, and participants should be aware of potential gas fees and other charges.
  • Unlocking FEWOFashion with Backpack Wallets: Each FEWO comes with its own individual ERC-6551 “backpack” wallet. Once you mint your FEWO, you can redeem flowers that serve as mint passes for transforming into FewoFashion digital wearables and accessories. Paint Drop holders will receive one free flower per unit of paint in their Paint Drop, while non-Paint Drop holders will also be eligible for a single free flower.

Stay tuned for more information on FEWOs and their exciting journey in FewoWorld. Make sure to prepare for the upcoming presales, public sale, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of FEWOs.

FEWOs are not just ordinary NFTs; they are the vibrant inhabitants of FewoWorld, born from the cosmic explosion of Paint. With their unique traits and captivating artwork, FEWOs offer an immersive experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Prepare to embark on this imaginative journey and discover the enchanting world of FEWOs. Take care and stay tuned for more updates!

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