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The ever-evolving world of web3 is about to witness another revolution. Enter Bytesons, an innovative NFT collection crafted meticulously on the Ethereum blockchain. With a restricted supply of 3000 and a mint price of just 0.003, it’s set to carve a unique space in the NFT universe.


Why a Supply of 3000? And Why the 0.003 Mint Price?

Bytesons isn’t just about minting and selling. It’s about cultivating a community whose voice reigns supreme in every decision. A community of 3000 offers the ideal balance for engagement, interaction, and collective growth in the realm of web3, from online events to real-life gatherings. We’re fully aware of the current bearish trend in the NFT market. Despite this, our sights are firmly set on the long haul. By setting the price at 0.003, we hope to lay a foundation where the community is the foremost beneficiary.

The Bytesons Brand – Beyond the Name

Ever wondered about the name ‘Bytesons’? Well, in the vastness of the NFT space, certain terminologies like ‘kid’ have become nonstarters. Our quest for a unique identity led us to blend the essence of pixels and kids, thus giving birth to “bytes” and “sons”.

Bytesons’ Vision and Purpose

Bytesons isn’t just another collection; it’s the dawn of a brand that will span both web2 and web3. Through dedication and collaborative effort, our dream is to manifest Bytesons as tangible figurines, reminiscent of the iconic Rubik’s cube. This exclusive offering, at first, will be reserved for our token holders. But as we expand our horizons, we plan to make Bytesons a household name, with products and merchandise that resonate with a global audience.

Bytesons’ Unique Propositions

  • Revenue Sharing: Token holders can apply for funds for legitimate reasons, ensuring that the community is always supported in times of need.
  • Complete IP Rights: Collectors will hold 100% Intellectual Property rights, fostering creativity and innovation within the ecosystem.
  • LEGO Adventures: Pixel art comes alive as we venture into creating LEGO figurines of Bytesons characters, initially targeting collectors with children.
  • Community Engagement: Active community members will be appointed and rewarded for roles like Discord Manager, Twitter Spaces Manager, and more.
  • Engaging Activities: Interactive games and missions will keep the community engaged and rewarded.
  • Transparent Distribution: The entire supply of 3000 will be made available to the community, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and fairness.

Embarking on a Journey Together

Bytesons is not about overnight success or short-lived hype. Every step we take will be deliberate, with a transparent approach that values the community’s trust. Our aim is to cultivate a community that not only thrives today but also stands the test of time, driving the NFT space forward.

TL;DR: Bytesons is a new NFT collection on Ethereum, aiming to build a strong community with unique features like revenue sharing, complete IP rights for collectors, and exciting ventures like LEGO toys. The minting process will begin soon, with a focus on community engagement and long-term growth.


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