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This month, Malachi has been sharing some tips on twitter to help artists succeed in 2023.  One of the more popular Threads was tips on how to get noticed.  To succeed on social media as an artist, it is important to have a clear and consistent brand identity, and to regularly post high-quality content that showcases your work and engages your audience. Building a strong presence on social media can also involve networking with other artists, engaging with your followers, and using relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience. It is also helpful to have a website or online portfolio that showcases your work and provides information about you and your art. Additionally, consider offering promotions or discounts to your followers, collaborating with other artists or brands, and participating in online art communities or challenges to gain visibility and build your following.

Here are 7 Tips for NFT Artists on How to get noticed & brand build

  1. Create high-quality, original content consistently: This will help establish your brand and set you apart from other artists. Don’t mint everything you create. Mint only your best work. But art creation is just the first step. Now the hard work starts.
  2. Use social media to promote your work: Share your art on platforms like Instagram, Discord, and Twitter to reach a wider audience. While most of the NFT activity is on Twitter, you may have a more established brand elsewhere, use that to drive followers back to twitter.
  3. Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages from your followers, and try to create a sense of community around your art. This may be the most important part, if you just post, you wont gain followers. You have to engage.
  4. Collaborate with other artists: This can help you reach new audiences and gain exposure for your work. I’ve seen true legends in the space not afraid to collaborate. From
  5. Provenance. Participate in art events and exhibitions: This will give you an opportunity to showcase your work and meet potential fans. Check out galleries like @Kingofmidtown1 etc. Ask
    @NFTculture for an interview. Speak on Spaces (Don’t shill).
  6. Network with other artists and industry professionals: Attend art events and workshops, and try to build relationships with people who can help you grow your audience.
  7. Be persistent and don’t give up: Building an audience takes time and effort, so keep working on your craft and promoting your art, even if it feels like you’re not making progress.

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