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Bitcoin Price Prediction: Can BTC Price Retest its All-Time High in the Next 3 to 4 Months?

Although Bitcoin is facing acute bearish pressure, the price continues to remain within a bullish range. Ever since the star crypto displayed a giant recovery from the lows below $20,000 to as high as $28,900, the market participants have become more confident about the upcoming market trend. Based on historical performance, the sharp rally indicates that Bitcoin (BTC) may soon test its all-time highs within 120 days. 

Bitcoin’s price, considering its previous historical behavior, maintains a periodic trend that repeats very often. Similar to the halving event, where-in the miner’s rewards are halved to keep the token deflationary by curbing Bitcoin inflation. Considering the technical perspective, Bitcoin has displayed a wider price action in times of acute sell-off in January and somewhat in February. 

Therefore, will the Bitcoin price test the highs in 2023? Well, the previous history does not substantiate future performance, but the data gathered from the technical suggests wider price action is fast approaching. 

Trading View

The historically low BTC price displays that the current rebound could be the beginning of the upcoming rally, which may mark the highs close to its ATH. Each time the price makes it to the highs, it has rebounded daily from the lower to average levels of the Bollinger Band.

Further, they rallied high to mark an ATH. Presently, the price has rebounded from the lower band and approached the average band. Once, these bands are cleared, then a notable upswing may be triggered to mark the highs above the current ATH. 

Considering the 6-week Bollinger band theory, a popular analyst, Tony “The Bull, believes that the price may reach its ATH within 3 to 4 months, or nearly 120 days. 

The analyst here compares the 2019 price surge with the current one and predicts that the Bitcoin (BTC) price may certainly hit highs above $64,000 within 3 to 4 months.


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